Experience the Experience - send us your product and we will test it, write a product survey for you, and make suggestions on function, fashion, and fabrics 

Proof of Concept  - will your design work? we will make one proof of concept for you to test. 

Prototype Development - your concept works, we will make a series of prototypes to perfect the size, function, and fabrics

Pattern Engineering - Bags, Sports Equipment, and Footwear

Technical Packages - ready to get costing at a factory level, this package gets you there.

Global Material Sourcing - have a specific material in mind? we can hunt it down for you

Brainstorming / Creative Idea Development - need some ideas on product line extensions, new ways of designing, simplifying or making it sparkle, we can do that!

Creative "Hands On" Workshops - team building MAKER classes, brainstorming for early product creation

One-Off products - speciality items - we can make just about anything, just ask and if we cannot, we may have some suggestions

Promotional Items - need some matching swag for an event? we can make it, order it, pack it, and ship it