You have an idea, we bring it to life. Through creative problem solving and our vast resources for materials and development techniques, we help you develop your vision into a plan for engineering and production. We don't stop until you're holding your dream in your hands.

Proof of Concept

We review your design and help you determine if it will work in the real world, as well as developing a proof of concept product for you to test yourself.

Testing and Review

Send us your product and we'll test it, write a product survey, and make suggestion on function, fashion, and fabric.

Prototype Development

We'll take your working concept and bring it to life through a dynamic prototyping process.


If you need ideas on product line extensions, rethinking your designs, simplifying, or just making your project stand out, we're the agency for you.

Pattern Engineering

Taking your soft goods product and producing production ready patterns so you can quickly get to production. Stitching up soft goods, crafting bags or sports equipment, constructing innovative footwear and apparel, or creating everything from blimps to bike accessories. You dream it, we'll be by your side to see it to completion.

Global Materials Sourcing

Searching the earth to get the materials and fabrics that bring your vision to life.


Branded and coordinated promotional materials specific to your event needs. Made, packaged, and shipped directly to you.


Need prototypes or samples? We will handle your small run manufacturing needs from start to finish. We can even connect you with international manufacturing resources and help you manage the whole process.

Creative Hands on Workshops

We offer team building MAKER workshop classes for your company or crew, as well as brainstorming workshops for early product development.

One Off Samples

Have a great project or product you only need one of? We got you.