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Our typical turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. For jobs requiring a faster turnaround there is an associated rush order pricing structure.
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Customized design packages starting at $1500
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Do you have your product started from a design and function perspective? Our 'Experience the Experience' review is perfect for getting started. We will test your idea in whatever form it is in and write a review as a designer, consumer, and manufacturer.
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You have an idea but no sample yet and/or the start of a product that needs refinement. The Tech Pack includes detailed drawings of the designs, locations of proprietary elements, material choices and locations, and measurements. Technical packages are necessary for product details. Domestic and International factory quotes and manufacturing require this with a sample.
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Includes tech packs, sketches, prototypes, etc.
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we can help make 50-50,000 units
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3D Rendered CAD files needed.

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